Warm Welcome

catering services in Chennai with price list

We Namma Veettu kalyanam catering know that the appearance of a person creates a first impression and taking that in our mind we have provided our staffs with a formal dressing with a high standard for inviting the guests.

Namma Veettu kalyanam catering services respect the care and traditional values that you believe to be taken care off in your family function.

Thus, apart from offering sumptuous delicious food, Namma Veettu kalyanam catering serves you and your loved ones with a humble welcome throughout the ceremony.

Looking to have best vegetarian catering services Chennai for a family occasion or commercial event? Book us immediately. Hosting an event? Need support with mouthwatering food? Book top veg catering services in Chennai near you. We are happy to serve for you.

Live Counter

A special start of a day with our special Namma Veettu kalyanam catering coffee that too in a dabara set, a very authentic manner is our specialty.

We offer the coffee as per the requirement of the guest with light, strong, sugar, sugarless on our live counter.

For welcoming drinks we use unbreakable high quality glasses.

Top Quality, Best Service & Customer first is our main goal. Sincelong years we Indians have got a unique craze for food and so that in all events food is become the important factor. We take pride in giving a memorable experience to your taste buds, display our food in the most inventive method and service that endure matchless in the catering industry.

catering services in Chennai with price list


catering services in Chennai with price list

Meeting relatives and friends on special occasions; chatting and sharing memories are the most common start of any function which brings pleasure to our heart, but how about with some starter? We Namma Veettu Kalyanam Catering to make it more special serve varieties of delicious starters which long lasts on your taste buds whether it comes is fresh juice, stick pick starter or dry fruits and nuts we serve the best quality to make the as one another memory.

Our vegetarian catering services in Chennai offers mouthwatering food for competitive price. Check our price list, menu & nutritious recipes compare with other catering services. Our veg catering is well treasured as are our preparation method. Our expertise make your special day more memorable and grand success. Premium food quality, superb display, Amazing customer reviews, lowest price. Enquire now to know more details.


We all know that the food is a blessing but the food we provide is with full of divinity,

Yes! We, the Namma Veettu kalyanam catering services are proud to introduce 40% of organic food in our kitchen. The preparation of the food is in a completely authentic and healthy method so that you can experience the smell of real tradition with good health.

We are the preferred veg catering service in Chennai as we offer you with the top-notch quality of food and other arrangements. Whether it will be a wedding, reception, family parties, commercial event, small function or a bigger one we provide you the hygienic and tastiest food to everyone.

catering services in Chennai with price list


catering services in Chennai with price list

For us, servicing is as much as importance as catering. Apart from giving sweetness to your taste buds, we do give satisfaction to your eyes and heart.

In the dining, we have our staffs covered their heads and hands with a cap and gloves throughout the occasion to maintain the hygiene in the dining hall.

After preparing the food we transfer them into the hot-packs to maintain its freshness. We use our own melamine food grade products to give you complete hygiene as we know that the outside rented melamine products would have been used in almost all the other occasion and that might somehow, disturb your feelings.

To feed yourself at your comfort we provide ever-silver spoons with a tissue paper and a drinking mineral water of bisleri or team brand. We have our supervisors next to serve you in the dining with all your needs till you are done with your dining.

Cut Fruits

Special Fruit Deserts ‘A unique serving’ at the beginning and end of the Occasion

Yes! You might be thinking of “serving heartily delicious food with the traditional values and hygiene is fine, but how comes a hygiene atmosphere?”

Serving the desert at the end of the dining is normal but serving them in the beginning (with the welcome treat) and at the end with variety is our unique specialty.

Yes! We offer fruits with a similar and unique cutting that will just grab the attention of your eyes. We offer welcome deserts that also includes fruits which are prepared and presented in a unique and adorable way.

The fruits we offer will be with the special combination that will all go together, as all is of your choice that can make your heart happy and also enhances the freshness in your entire body.

The place would be of your selection and the food will be first-class as we are offer it for you. We not only make sure food and additional drinks for your special day. Also we assure that your order reach the target location on time and is being served with the best in class service.

catering services in Chennai with price list
catering services in Chennai with price list